New to the world market, this product is designed to eliminate contact of splashing contaminated water and waste onto caregivers’ and cleaning crew’s clothes and exposed body parts from plunging a clogged toilet.

The Toilet Plunging Splashguard simplifies the plunging job by eliminating the time and supply expense of cleaning walls, floors, and equipment of harmful, biological pathogens after plunging a clogged toilet. A brief wipe down of the toilet rim should be all that is necessary after plunging when the product is used.

The Toilet Plunging Splashguard was developed to be used with a common slim, wooden or plastic-handled plunger with a handle thickness of one inch or less. After plunging is completed and the clog is removed, the plunger splashguard can be flipped upside down and be used to carry the wet plunger to the preferred cleaning area.


Just as mist released into the air after flushing a toilet can carry the following contagious pathogens, the same principle applies to splashing due to plunging a toilet.

Bacteria such as:

  • Shigellosis
  • Staphylococcus - MRSA
  • Salmonella
  • Serratia Marcesceus - MS2
  • C.Difficile



  • Reduce the amount of harmful, biological pathogens.
  • Help reduce patient and staff illness due to these bacteria.
  • Reduce labor hours due to cleaning contaminated surfaces from plunging an uncovered toilet.
  • Minimize bacteria transfer in all areas of a hospital including, patients in an ICU unit with immunodeficiency.
  • Help satisfy contagious disease cleaning protocol guidelines.




28 million American households experience a toilet clog each month, according to a Kohler Co. survey. That can't be good.


Help satisfy contagious disease cleaning protocol guidelines. Contact us today.






Splashguard Corporation
Contact: Bob Martinisko, President

Martinisko, R., inventor U.S. Patent Pending, 2012.